The first day will be the festival opening. This day will be the official opening of activities (theme session, keynote speech), press parley, film show and more. This day will equally feature the first sets of masterclasses, film shows, and art-hangout where festival participants/audience can experience the creativity of African Art & Culture.


The second day will feature masterclasses, mentoring session, film shows and film networking. An Evening with the Brands where our sponsors will connect with filmmakers, film  enthusiasts and festival participant (Beach film show).


Our glittering and exciting finale of the festival, where we celebrate and congratulate the amazing talent on screen all week. The grand finale, will feature film shows, film summit, special meet and greet with industry major players and the Award Night.


The Badagry International Film Festival (BIFIF) is a celebration of films from around the world. It provides filmmakers with a platform to showcase their culture, creativity, and artistry on an international level. The festival aims to promote films that are of high quality and meet international standards.

The selection process for BIFIF is rigorous and requires filmmakers to meet certain criteria in order for their films to be considered. The jury carefully reviews each submission based on its technical merits, originality, storytelling, and relevance to the theme of the festival. In addition, the films must also meet certain rules and regulations set by the organizers in order for them to be eligible for selection.

The festival offers a variety of award categories that give recognition to those who have made significant contributions to cinema.