BIFIF……. Film Meets Nature And Tourism

The Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival (BIFIF)
Film festivals have become an integral part of cultural innovation and the development of society. With the rise of digital technology, film festivals have become more accessible to people globally, especially in Nigeria and Africa. It has allowed for greater diversity in storytelling, enabling filmmakers to explore new ideas and themes that were previously impossible.

The Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival, also known as BIFIF, is a platform to showcase unique stories while allowing participants to access different cultures and ideologies. It will be particularly impactful in Nigeria, and people of African descent, as film festivals, have become an integral part of our cultural identity and economic development. Our theme for the maiden edition – “Once Upon A Time” – it focused on issues of history, spirituality, identity, tolerance, education, resilience, equality, unity, and empowerment. BIFIF is an annual international encompassing festival hosted in the ancient city of Badagry to showcase the beautiful untold stories of African culture in movies, art, and sports. The festival also features several events, such as Gala Nights, Q&A sessions, and Masterclasses with industry professionals, to help filmmakers further develop their craft. Additionally, the festival encourages collaboration and networking among filmmakers, actors, and cinephiles worldwide. The festival aims to foster an environment of creative exchange by engaging in meaningful conversations about film and culture.

BIFIF is a unique platform for filmmakers to showcase their talent and share their stories with a global audience. It is an event that promotes diversity and inclusion in filmmaking while preserving the values and culture of our communities. BIFIF is registered member organisation to NIGERIA FILM FESTIVAL ASSOCIATION (NFFA). This festival is powered by: Gbagi Communications Limited. It serves as an accelerator of ideas, projects, and innovation that drives investments, entrepreneurship, and economic development for the region. Also, the festival thrives on sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all (SDG Goal 8). This film cultural & sports festival has already made considerable progress towards stimulating economic growth, investment opportunities, and boosting tourism in the region. Moreover, the festival has highlighted unique projects and activities that will celebrate African culture while enhancing its connection between African and global societies.

Little snippet of Badagry town ..

Badagry is an ancient town flooded with rich historical relics and monuments, a coastal community in Lagos state that prides itself as the cradle of civi­lization in Nigeria. The historic city founded in 1425 AD known for its tourism and agriculture boom, contributes significantly to the economic prosperity of its indigenes and dwellers..


Badagry subsists majorly on fishing and agriculture and is said to generate the highest Nigeria Customs duties income from the Seme border, which according to history, was arbitrarily drawn by France and Britain to prevent the territory from falling under the control of another European country. Its proximity to the Badagry town and the rich historical monuments makes the community enjoy massive vehicular and human traffic daily.
However, Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival (BIFIF) received over 3,030 movie submissions worldwide on, and hosted over 2,000 attendees from Nigeria, Africa, and Diaspora. Over the past few years, we have created a platform for young people through our sister organisation MBMFIF trained and engaged as content creators, writers, production assistants, buyers, makeup artists, props managers, art directors, costumier, camera assistants, cultural consultants, production managers, gaffers, sparks, location scouting agents, location managers, caterers, camera operators, directors, producers and other expressions of arts and entertainment for short films, movies, music video, live shows, reportage, and documentary productions.

According to a survey conducted by the International Festival and Event Association (IFEA), the special events industry is estimated to include 4 to 5 million dollars in the economy of the host communities and has a significant economic impact globally. The benefits of festivals and special events are demonstrated more explicitly in rural settings, particularly in boosting local economies, continuing employment, and rural destination promotion.