Badagrys Scenic Wonder Displayed in Bisi Daughter of The River Movie

Did you know that one of the highest grossing Nigerian films of all time is “Bisi Daughter of The River”? Badagrys coastal beauty brought to life in Bisi Daughter of The River Movie

This movie was released in 1977 and played in cinemas for three whole years! Back then, there were over 300 cinemas in Nigeria.

The movie was directed by Joseph Abiodun Babajide, also known as Jab Adu. He was famous for his role as Bassey Okon in the popular TV series “Village Headmaster” on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

The story of “Bisi Daughter of The River” is about a young woman named Bisi who was born in the coastal town of Badagry, near Lagos, the capital of Nigeria. Her father believed that Bisi was a gift from Yemoja, the river goddess, and insisted that she become a priestess to serve the goddess. But Bisi didn’t want to follow this mythical tradition, so she moved to Lagos to work as a secretary for a businessman named Paul Banji. There, she fell in love with Banji’s business partner and friend, Dexter Raymond. This connection with Raymond made it difficult for her to return to Badagry.

If you’re interested in learning more about this historic film, you should visit the town of Badagry during the Badagry International Film Festival from August 17th to 19th, 2023. The festival is a great opportunity to explore the town and learn about its rich history.

The movie’s cast includes Patti Boulaye, and it was written by Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike. So, if you’re a fan of Nigerian cinema, history and culture, Welcome to Badagry!

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Williams Otosede
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Nwachukwu Frank Ukadike

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