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Film festivals have become an important part of cultural innovation and the development of society. With the rise of digital technology, film festivals have become more accessible to people around the world, especially in Nigeria and Africa. This has allowed for greater diversity in stories being told and has enabled filmmakers to explore new ideas and themes that were previously not possible.

The Badagry International Film Cultural & Sports Festival, also known as BIFIF, is a platform to showcase unique stories while allowing participants to gain access to different cultures and ideologies. This will be particularly impactful in Nigeria and people of African descent, as film festivals have become an integral part of cultural identity and economic development. Our theme for this maiden edition – “Once Upon A Time” – will focus on exploring issues of history, spirituality, identity, tolerance, education, resilience, equality, unity, and empowerment.

BIFIF will mark a tremendous cultural milestone in our history and development as this initiative is committed to driving investments and innovation in the entertainment industry. By showcasing the best films from across the world while also serving as a bridge for international collaboration, this film festival has already made considerable progress towards stimulating economic growth, investment opportunities, and boosting tourism in the region. Moreover, it has driven a wide range of unique projects and activities which will celebrate African culture while enhancing its connection between African and global societies.

Our film festival will also provide an opportunity to explore new insights and perspectives that can inspire change in society. Through this festival, filmmakers and participants from different backgrounds can come together to share their stories and create meaningful connections that can help shape the future of our historical identity.


Founder/CEO, BIFIF

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